Start a Facebook Group for Targeted Leads!

One of the coolest (and under-used) tools Facebook provides us is the “Group.” Groups can be used for an endless number of purposes, from keeping up with family, staying in touch with fellow alumni, following each other’s weight-loss progress, and enjoying a hobby together, to more lead/business type purposes. You are probably a member of at least a couple of groups yourself. 

If you want to take your social media game up a notch, try creating and cultivating a Facebook group to target potential leads!

Start with a niche. Who do you work with? First time home buyers? Military/vets? Health care professionals? It doesn’t matter what it is, just make sure you can explain it easily and that it is fairly specific. Getting too broad (all buyers and sellers in Knoxville) may make attracting members more difficult, but if you have the time it can be worth the effort. 

Next, now that you know who you are talking to, create the group. Use a cover image that would be instantly recognizable to your target audience. Use a group description that speaks to that audience, too. 

Now, add some content to get going. Introduce yourself. Add a few posts that are relevant to your audience. Perhaps answer a question this audience typically has. Toss in an article or two. 

You are now ready to start adding members. Don’t add people that don’t want to be added. Instead, share your group to other groups with a comment about why people would be interested in joining your group. For example:

“Hey there! Looking to buy your first home this year? Join this group to get exclusive information about special loan programs for first time home buyers! Did you know some options may let you buy a home with little to NO MONEY DOWN?!”

Share the group in other groups, on your page(s), and run a targeted ad or two. Soon you will have people asking to join! These are people that are looking to buy/sell and you are the one in control of the info they receive and any questions they may have about who can help them! ;-) 

Make sure to post regularly in your group and try to stir up engagement with great conversation starters. Add another professional or two to your group, too, to help add content and answer questions (title person, home inspector, lender, etc).

One more thought - carefully screen those that are looking to enter your group. You don’t need any other agents, obviously, and if the profile looks like a scammer you won’t want to add them, either. You can set up some questions they have to answer to enter, too. These may be things like “are you currently working with an agent,” “are you looking to buy/sell a home in the next 6 months,” etc. Whether you require questions is up to you. Just make sure not to get too personal or intrusive if you do. 

Before you know it, you will have 300+ people in your group! These are all potential leads and if you keep up with your group consistently you will soon bear the fruits of your labor!