Thanks for stopping by! Whenever I visit a website, I always want to hear the story. Not just how great the company is, how many awards the group has won, and how they can help me, but the background, too. When I feel more connected, I feel more willing to trust. I'm betting you do, too.

I graduated from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville in 2006. I was part of the first class to receive a BS in Public Relations. At that time, PR was thought of only in the sense of putting out fires, making dirty politicians look less well, dirty, and helping big corporations with their "eco" image. The new goal was to teach practitioners the importance of RELATIONSHIPS. Boy, did that go somewhere fast.

The new successful business models understand the importance of relationship building, and this is what I have centered my entire career around. The opportunity to do it is EVERYWHERE, and if you can harness its power you are bound for great things.

After I graduated from college, I went to work for a small real estate brokerage that specialized in the sale of foreclosures/REOs. This was right before the big crash, and things were already starting to go down south for the economy. I was with that firm all through the bad years and went from being an administrative assistant to a member of the REO team. At any given time I had approximately 20 real estate listings; in just a couple years period I sold over 200 homes and assisted as part of the team with hundreds more. 

In 2011, I experienced a horrible family tragedy. I elected to get out of real estate for a bit. I went to work as a Marketing Lead and Office Manager for a successful engineering and design firm. I learned more than I could ever describe about successfully managing a business, growing a client base, and BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS.

In 2015, my entrepreneurial spirit caught up with me again. My husband and I opened a boutique real estate brokerage in Farragut, TN. As we grew the firm and added affiliate brokers, we decided to start using really cool technology to help set us apart - one of our key tactics was the use of drones for video and photography.

Well, that really blew up fast. As other agents outside of our firm noticed what we were doing, they would ask how they could use our services to help market their listings, too. In an effort to deal with any conflict of interest (no agent wants another real estate firm doing their marketing and getting into their clients' homes), we separated that portion of our business off into a strategic marketing firm, which we aptly named Strategic Cinema, LLC. We got so busy with that side of the business that I eventually closed the real estate firm - you go where the growth and money are, right?! 

In December 2016, we were approached by an out of state investor that wanted to buy the firm. As I was ready to spend at least a little time with my son before he started Kindergarden (man, they grow up fast!), we readily agreed. My husband, a Project Manager by trade, went to help at a Virginia Beach architectural firm and I made plans to be a stay-at-home-mom.

I'll tell you, though, once you have the business management bug in your system, there's nothing you can do about it. After about a month of staying at home, I decided to start taking on a little administrative work to keep me busy and to make sure I had some interaction with other adults. This is where it gets really fun.

Almost immediately, I was bombarded by orders. Remember that relationship thing I was talking about? I had built relationships with some of the top producers in our area and word quickly spread that I could do your dirty work for you, and cheap. I quickly grew to a 20+ agent client list. Word spread further. Now I am contacted by professionals from a wide variety of industries to help with their administrative tasks. I LOVE what I do and it shows. I am a perfectionist, a type-A personality, and a few other names that I don't care to admit. In an effort to keep up with demand and to ensure each of my clients receives exceptional care, I have expanded and brought others on to help me with some of the tasks. We will continue to grow, and I CANNOT WAIT to see what the future holds.

Best Regards,

Brittany Voigt