The Importance of "Thank You"

We all grow up knowing the Golden Rule - treat others how you would want to be treated. Funny thing is, it seems like when we start running our own businesses we forget how important relationships are and how important it is to make people feel special.

We all need to bring the "Thank You" back.

I'll give an example. A couple of years ago I referred someone business. I sent a qualified buyer to an agent that I had known for many years - this was certainly to result in a sale and would probably result in more than one sale. I never ONCE heard a "Thank You." Blows your mind doesn't it? So, next time I needed to refer out business, what do you think the chances were that I referred back to her again? No. Way. So, by happenstance, I needed to refer someone else in a similar area this year. I chose a different agent that I had been working with for about a year. To my absolute disbelief, AGAIN not a "Thank You." Have y'all done lost your minds???

In all seriousness, though, this is a major problem that can be easily corrected. If someone thinks enough of you to send you business, THANK THEM. No, you don't necessarily need to gush on and on or send a thank you card or send a gift card or... Just at least say thank you. I'll tell you what happens if you do.

They will want to send you more business!! We humans are animals, just like dogs. What happens when you praise your dog? He repeats the behavior, right? Humans are the same way. We LOVE to be praised. We LOVE to be told how awesome we are. If we are told these things, we will do everything we can to have it repeated. Plus - this person is like a billboard for you. If anyone ANYWHERE needs the service you provide, they will be the first to jump up and cheer your name. Want to take it up a notch? Don't just verbally say "Thank You!" Also send them a card or a gift card or some other little thing to let them know how much they are appreciated. You will have a referral source for life. Nurture this person and anyone else you know that would cheer your name.

Like they say, kindness is free. But in this case, it will probably pay in dividends.